pachai maamalai pol mene

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

some introspection, some clarification

Instead of doing something original, I have ended up as a translator of somethings written sometime in Sanskrit years and years ago.  This is the most humiliating treatment to my exalted ego and arrogance. But I have to confess that in spite of my tendency to devour anything that is recorded on paper, the crisp and succinct thought process of the masters in Sanskrit has always left me in thrall.  The frugality in the use of is amazing. We see so many suthras in that language. No word, not even a letter or a symbol could be faulted as superfluous. The magic of the language lies in the fact that we could see lots and lots of words signifying an object or an action.  But when it comes to application of the word each occasion will be unique.

Of late I am not able to read most of my mails...more frustrating is the fact that I am not able to live up to my commitments..promises not kept or intended to be kept but delayed beyond reasonable time disturbs be.  May be it is difficult to ingest all noble thoughts and process them with my very limited faculties of the mind. Next comes the process of formation of words and expressions which could  reveal in words what lies vibrant in the mind. When the fingers adopt the thoughts and press the keyboards, a lot of fine things are lost due to spelling errors.   

Ultimately it is confusion confounded..  
One should always remind himself that he cannot always play God.

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