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Sunday, October 10, 2010

beware of inborn enemies

कार्पण्येन यशः क्रुधा गुणचयो दंभेन सत्यम् क्षुध
मर्यादा व्यसनैर्धनं च विपदा स्थैर्यं  प्रमादैर्द्विजः।
पैशुन्येन कुलं मदेन विनयो दुश्चेष्टया पौरुषं
दारिद्र्येण जनादरो ममतया चात्मप्रकशो हतः॥
kārpaṇyena yaśaḥ krudhā guṇacayo daṁbhena satyam kṣudha
maryādā vyasanairdhanaṁ ca vipadā sthairyaṁ  pramādairdvijaḥ|
paiśunyena kulaṁ madena vinayo duśceṣṭayā pauruṣaṁ
dāridryeṇa janādaro mamatayā cātmaprakaśo hataḥ||
A man's reputation is lost by idiotic actions.  
By exhibition of uncontrollable anger he loses all his noble traits and their positive effects.
 Honesty is sacrificed at the altar of pride.  
A person is forced to shed all his dignity on the face of insatiable hunger. 
 All the hard earned money will be squandered away through bad habits.  
When one faces extreme danger, his courage drains away.  
A learned man is ruined by wrong actions committed through forgetfulness.  Deliberate cruelty perpetrated by a member annihilates the entire clan. 
 A fellow throws to winds his humility because of excessive arrogance.. 

 A person's manhood is ruined by wrong and immoral actions. 

 When a person is reduced to penury, his popularity and respect in the society reach lowest ebbs. 
And a person loses  all his knowledge and discretion when  a sense of excessive attachment to mundane things haunts him.

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