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Friday, October 29, 2010

they forget the basics

अर्थातुराणाम् न गुरुर् न बन्धुः कामातुराणाम्  न भयं न लज्जा।
विद्यातुराणाम् न सुखम् न निद्रा क्षुधातुराणाम् न रुचिर् न वेळा॥
arthāturāṇām na gurur na bandhuḥ kāmāturāṇām  na bhayaṁ na lajjā|
vidyāturāṇām na sukham na nidrā kṣudhāturāṇām na rucir na veḻā||

അര്‍ത്ഥാതുരാണാം ന ഗുരുര്‍ ന ബന്ധു കാമാതുരാനാം ന ഭയം ന ലജ്ജാ
വിദ്യാതുരാനാം ന സുഖം ന നിദ്രാ ക്ഷുധാതുരാനാം ന രുചിര്‍ ന വേളാ
for people whose sole aim is to amass wealth, the preceptors or relatives are of no consequence.
Those who are overcome by lust simply lose all sense of shame and caution and they have  no fear. 
People whose aim is to acquire knowledge simply give up  all comforts including  even sleep. 
And hungry men just want food and the  do not care about neither taste nor the time for eating..


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