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Friday, October 22, 2010


दुर्जनाः सज्जनात् पूर्वं पूज्यतां तेन किं सतां।
पूर्वं प्रक्षाळितं पIयुः आननात् अधिकं किमु॥
durjanāḥ sajjanāt pūrvaṁ pūjyatāṁ tena kiṁ satāṁ|
pūrvaṁ prakṣāḻitaṁ payuḥ ānanāt adhikaṁ kimu||
ദുര്‍ജനാ: സജ്ജനാത്‌ പൂര്‍വ്വം പൂജ്യതാം തേന കിം സതാം
പൂര്‍വ്വം പ്രക്ഷാള്‍യതെ പായു ആനനാത്‌ അധികം കിമു

Let tyrants and arrogant people be   given priority over the noble persons.  
The noble are not the losers.  
Is it not the usual practice to clean one's excretory organs before washing the face? 
Does it mean that those organs are superior to one's face?

Out of fear and possible backlashes the arrogant people are given more importance in some situations.  
Men of steady character and repute need not be peeved by that . 
The ultimate winners will be persons with character.


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