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Saturday, October 30, 2010

neither tonsure nor matted hair will make the king

राज्ञो हि दुष्टनिग्रहः शिष्टपरिपालनं च धर्मः।
न पुनः शिरोमुण्डनम् जटाधारणम् वा॥
चाणक्य सूत्राद्
rājño hi duṣṭanigrahaḥ śiṣṭaparipālanaṁ ca dharmaḥ|
na punaḥ śiromuṇḍanam jatādhāraṇam vā||
cāṇakya sūtrād
രാജണോ ഹി ദുഷ്ടനിഗ്രഹ: ശിഷ്ടപരിപാലനo ച ധര്‍മ;
ന പുന: ശിരോമുണ്ഡനം ജടാധാരണം വാ
  The duty of a King is annihilate the evil people and protect the law abiding subjects.  Neither tonsure of the head nor sporting matted hair will act as substitutes for these duties.  The master is at his sarcastic best here.   The function of a ruler is to safeguard the interests of his kingdom.  Spending time with barber or makeup-men will not stand substitute for this duty.   Somehow  the exhibition of  fiddling talents by  Nero the emperor  at the time of Rome being gutted comes to mind.

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