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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

anger of the impotent

परं क्षिपति दोषेण वर्तमानः स्वयम् तथा।
यश्च क्रुद्धत्यनीश सन् स च मूढतमो नरः॥
स्रीमहाभारते उध्योगपर्वनि प्रजागरणपर्वे विदुरवाक्ये ३३--३६
paraṁ kṣipati doṣeṇa vartamānaḥ svayam tathā|
yaśca kruddhatyanīśa san sa ca mūḍhtamo naraḥ||
srīmahābhārate udhyogaparvani prajāgaraṇaparve viduravākye 33--36

A very realistic evalution by Vidura 
If one knows very well that he has committed some guilt  and if this fact is known to others too  and still he tries to wriggle out of such situation by passing on the guilt to others and accusing others for his own misdeeds, is an idiot of the first order.

If one just explodes in impotent  anger without having any resources or capacity to do anything constructive when a challenging situation arises is also to be included in the category of idiots. 

No great efficiency is required  to commit a guilt but it takes a lot of character to own it up and face the consequences.   
And giving vent to anger in some impotent way when a person is not capable of doing anything worthwhile  to overcome a crisis makes his look all themore foolish.

 We see some parents thrashing their children just because they are not able to provide the kids with basic needs.  

 If low quality gold is supplied to the goldsmith, it is meaningless to shout at him if the ornaments made by him look lustreless.


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