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Sunday, March 27, 2011

anger saps the strength

anger saps the strength

शुचि भूषयति श्रुतं वपुः प्रशमस्तस्य भवत्यलङ्क्रिया।
प्रशमाभरणं पराक्रमः स नयापादितसिद्धिभूषणः॥
भारवेः किरातार्जुनीये २---३२
śuci bhūṣayati śrutaṁ vapuḥ praśamastasya bhavatylaṅkriyā|
praśamābharaṇaṁ parākramaḥ sa nayāpāditasiddhibhūṣaṇaḥ||
bhāraveḥ kirātārjunīye 2---32

Yudhistira extols the virtue of learned and well thought of action not influenced by anger 
"The time-tested and thoughtful study of scriptures and traditions and action following such study becomes an adornment and a talisman to the body (meaning existence) of a person. Victory over anger and thoughtful execution of the properly conceived plan of action is the crowning glory for such studies.   When a ruler's valour is beautifully embellished by self control and victory over anger,  he becomes the ultimate victor reaching zenith of popularity  because of the proper mapping and dexterous execution of his policies." 

Here the king signals a note of caution to his brother.  Mere girth of the body and possession of raw power is not enough.  The raw power should be tempered by study of scriptures and traditions. And rushing through life just prodded by uncontrolled rage and arrogance will only lead to one's downfall.   If the really strong and well advised leader is in full control of his emotions and proceeds to execute his plans in the most meticulous manner.  the final  crowning  glory  seeks him out.


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