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Friday, March 11, 2011

let me be in eternal debt

मय्येव जीर्णतां यातु यत्त्वयोपकृतं हरे।

नरः प्रत्युपकारार्थी विपत्तिमभिकांक्षति॥


mayyeva jīrṇatāṁ yātu yattvayopakṛtaṁ hare|

naraḥ pratyupakārārthī vipattimabhikāṁkṣati||


This is an endearing statement by Lord Rama to his friend and benefactor Lord Hanumaan.

" Oh you the pride of the Vanara Clan, I wish that whatever great help and assistance rendered by you to me may remain with me as very old and unreturned . Those who are eager to return a favour are in a way waiting for difficult times to come around for their old benefactors. I never wish that any bad situation should occur to you where I can think of repaying the favours done by you."

This type of noble thought can arise only to an extraordinary being.

We are all basically filled with vanity. Most of us help others, if not for any quid pro quo, at least to get the kick out of it..

We want to drive home for ever the point that we have helped someone...and directly or impliedly throughout our lives when we see a person for whom we had the privilege of rendering some help, we never fail to point it out and derive some pleasure.

But here the Maryaadhaappurushottama's wish is that His dearest friend who had rendered invaluable service and to whom he is beholden all his lifetime should never get into any trouble.

Ordinary logic would make the Lord to have a desire to see Hanumanji in a difficult situation so that the bhagavan can come to Hanumanjis rescure and repay the old debt of gratitude. Sure, the favour received which is not reapid puts the Lord Himself at a lower pedestal than his devotee in the eyes of the people..

But then the parties involved are Hanuman and Rama,, both representing all that is great and noble in the universe..

Yes, when we study Ramayana, we will be oftne at a loss to understand who is the greater Hero..Lord Rama or Lord Hanuman..

May be the thought itself is trivial because both are the two facets of the one and only infinite godhead.

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