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Friday, March 18, 2011

even enmity with the noble has its own benefits

तदापि जिह्मः स भवज्जिगीषया तनोति शुभ्रं गुणसम्पदा यशः।
समुन्नयन्भूमिमनार्यसङ्गमाद्वरं विरोधोऽपि समं महात्मभिः।
महाकविभारविकृते किरातार्जुनीये महाकव्ये    -----
tadāpi jihmaḥ sa bhavajjigīṣayā tanoti śubhraṁ guṇasampadā yaśaḥ|
samunnayanbhūmimanāryasaṅgamādvaraṁ virodho'pi samaṁ mahātmabhiḥ|
mahākavibhāravikṛte kirātārjunīye mahākavye  1  -----8

The context in the Mahakaavya is as follows:-  The Pandavas were challenged by Duryodhana for a game of chess by their cousins Kauravaas whose eldest is Duryodana.  As per the practice among Kshatriyas of the day the elder Pandava accepted that challenge and what happened later was  a game fixing by the Crafty uncle Sakuni the King of Gandhara.  The wily Sakuni through words and action managed to rig the game and Dharmaputra, having staked his kingdom as well as the persona of himself , his four brothers and Draupadi was completely defeated and humiliated and finally it was ordered that the five pandavas with their wife draupadi would withdraw to forest for 12 years of forest life and one year of living incognito and if their identity got revealed during the days in disguise, they will again have to repeat the life in exile again, subject to the same conditions.
Thus the pervert of Duryodhana had come by the great Kingdom of his cousins through foul means.  But the man was really intelligent.  He started his policy of endearment of the subjects of the annexed country through fair rule exhibiting abundance of personal virtues..This is narrated in the Mahakavya as a report from a spy of Dharmaputra submitted to the latter. 
"The crafty Duryodhana is aware of the popularity of his elder cousin as an ideal ruler..The only way available to him is to emulate the welfare policies of Dharmaputra and this he does effectively.   Even though he has gained the ownership of the land by foul means, he becomes an ideal ruler.  

The point to be highlighted here is that even enmity with the noble is far better and beneficial that the friendly association with characterless people

The enmity with Dharmaputra has transformed Duryodhana into a very just and popular ruler... and the indication is that his association with the likes of Sakuni is going to result in his future downfall.


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