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Thursday, March 17, 2011

have trust and give a patient hearing to the subordinate

स किं सखा साधु न शास्ति यऽधिपं हितान्न यः संशृणुते स किं प्रभुः।
सदानुकूलेषु हि कुर्वते रतिम् नृपेष्वमात्येस्षु च सर्वसम्पदः॥
भारविकृते किरातार्जुनीये महाकव्ये १----५
sa kiṁ sakhā sādhu na śāsti ya'dhipaṁ hitānna yaḥ saṁśṛṇute sa kiṁ prabhuḥ|
sadānukūleṣu hi kurvate ratim nṛpeṣvamātyesṣu ca sarvasampadaḥ||
bhāravikṛte kirātārjunīye mahākavye 1----5

The great poet Bharavi extols the relationship between a good master(ruler/manager ) and his minister or subordinate

How can one call a person a good friend or faithful subordinate if he is not able to aid and advise his friend or master efficiently?
 And how can one call a person a worthy ruler or manager if he is incapable of lending a favourable ear to the advise of a subordinate who would be always interested in the welfare of the boss?

The power, wealth and welfare resides only in the country where the king and his ministers and subordinates are all capable of keeping confidence inter se and the subordinates are ready to speak out without fear and the ruler is ready to hear things irrespective of whether the statements are sweet to the ears or not.

This is true in any hierarchical organisation or even in government departments. 
 It is the worker at the lower operative level who first senses the chinks in the armour when the system is losing control.

 If the  workers  are loyal to the organisation and if they have the confidence that they would be heard, they will surely report the aberrations to the higher-ups truthfully, and if the middle level or top management are sincere they would try to understand and  make all attempts to act in time  to save the system as a whole. 

On the other hand if the manager at every level is sitting on his own imagined  paradise just belonging to fools  and trying to find scapegoats when the chips are down, the death of the organisation as a whole is assured.

And usually with the organization the management and  the staff too would find their way down the drains..


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