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Thursday, March 10, 2011

the real vision

गावो गन्धेन पश्यन्ति वेदैः पश्यति ब्राह्मणः।
चारैः पश्यन्ति राजानः चक्षुभ्यामितरे जनाः॥
चाणक्य सूत्राद्
gāvo gandhena paśyanti vedaiḥ paśyati brāhmaṇaḥ|
cāraiḥ paśyanti rājānaḥ cakṣubhyāmitare janāḥ||
cāṇakya sūtrād
ഗാവോ ഗന്ധേന പശ്യന്തി  വെദൈ: പശ്യന്തി ബ്രാഹ്മണാ
ചാരൈ:  പശ്യന്തി  രാജാന: ചക്ഷുഭ്യാമിതരേ ജനാ:

The animals see (here meaning recognition of the kin in the herd) through the help of  their sense of smell, 
the learned men see (here meaning the thorough perception) through learning scriptures like Vedas, 
the rulers see ( get ideas and information about all that is around) through the diligent use  of spies and agents, 
and the other people use just use their biological eyes to see.

The master Chanakya  uses the word see in many senses , 
like understanding, 
gaining deep insight,  
collecting useful information 
and he does  not mean mere focussing of the liquid lens stored in a sachet made of two membranes of transparent pieces of skin.  
But sadly enough the average mortal does very little more that that.  
In fact the eye get focussed more on silly things more than things of worth.
As an astute political scientist Chanakya's thrust is on employing efficient spies and as a great scholar he emphasizes the importance of scriptures.  
We cannot deny the fact that our nose for dirty things are ever acute and we have never got out of our vestigial tendencies.


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