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Saturday, March 05, 2011

eight types of death

अपमानं तथा लज्जा बन्धनम् भयमेव च।
रोगशोको स्मृतिर्भङ्गो मृत्युश्चाष्टविधः स्मृतः॥
चाणक्य सूत्राद्
apamānaṁ tathā lajjā bandhanam bhayameva ca|
rogaśoko smṛtirbhaṅgo mṛtyuścāṣṭavidhaḥ smṛtaḥ||
cāṇakya sūtrād

അപമാനം തഥാ ലജ്ജാ ബന്ധനം ഭയമേവ ച
രോഗശോകോ സ്മ്രിതിര്ഭന്ഗോ മൃത്യുശ്ചാഷ്ടവിധ: സ്മൃത:

There can be  eight situations in life akin to death  for a man of character and self respect.
They are 1.  Facing disgrace in public
2. facing a shameful scandal.
 3. landing up in captivity of getting imprisonment.
 4. being subjected to constant fear verging on psychological trauma. 
5. misery and suffering of a nagging and prolonged illness
 6. inconsolable grief ( may be like the loss of a good friend, spouse sibling, child  or a grandchild )
 7. loss of one's own memory, (like in situations like
Alzheimer's disease (AD), 
8. and   of course the  degeneration of the mortal body..

One has to confess that we live in a decadent society where public disgrace, scandal, imprisonment and such embarrassing situations are considered virtues for the leaders in society, especially politicians.  Even going to jail for a blatantly criminal act is now compared to the  great Mahatma's sojourns in British jails with the sacred aim of freeing the motherland.  Bureaucrats thrive on scandals.

The master of all times was conscious of the problems face by the unfortunate people who suffered from loss of memory.. this occurs to people may be from genetic factors or may be because the victim was so dignified and upright and the happenings around him are not at all in sync  with his conscience and the strange human mind just shrinks into its own cocoon in a bid to escape the inescapable.  Anyway our hearts should be filled with compassion and love for such unfortunate humans. To quote  Bible with minor paraphrasing , if it is He today, it may be I tomorrow.


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