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Saturday, March 19, 2011

sweet but insincere words can kill you

क्रियासु युक्तैर्नृप चारचक्षुसो न वञ्चनीयाः प्रभवोऽनुजीविभिः।
अतोर्हसि क्षन्तुमसाधु साधु वा हितं मनोहारि च दुर्लभं वचः॥
भारविकृते किरातार्जुनीये महाकाव्ये  १-----४
kriyāsu yuktairnṛpa cāracakṣuso na vañcanīyāḥ prabhavo'nujīvibhiḥ|
atorhasi kṣanthumasādhu sādhu vā hitaṁ manohāri ca durlabhaṁ vacaḥ||
bhāravikṛte kirātārjunīye mahākāvye  1-----4

This is another gem from Bhaaravi.  
The king Yudhistira had employed a spy to secretly observe and report the state of affairs in his kingdom from which he has been unjustly banished and which was ruled by his cousin Duryodhana.

 The spy in the disguise of a young brahmin had roamed around the kingdom and gathered all information he could 
and he is about to give a status report to his king.  
The dutiful employee is not interested in dishing out false and comfortable tidings and curry the temporary favour of his employer. 
(See what our IB  in India did in pre 1977 election scenario) .
In the words of a rustic menial employee acting as a spy,  the learned  Bharavi brings out a great truth which the manager as well as the employee should abide by  at any cost.

The spy says...

" Lord, the masters when they employ the spies, consider them as their own eyes.  Such employees should never betray the trust  placed on them at any cost.  

So now the Lord must pardon me irrespective of the fact that my report is favourable and palatable to Him or not.  
It is indeed very difficult to receive words which are meant for your welfare 
and at the same time which are pleasing to the ears and mind."

Yesterday I read as the days quote in a respected site...

" a little inaccuracy in reports is better if accuracy would cause inconveniences.." 
or something to this effect.  
Once managers and  employers have gravitated  to this mindset, the organisation they own or represent  is doomed. 
An employee should have the guts and character to report facts to the boss, 

even though a public confession may not be mandatory. 
It is equally essential  on the part of the manager to evaluate the facts and circumstances after giving  objective consideration to the situation  viewing them impaasionanately.  
 It is meaningless to be hawkish only to find scapegoats.  
 What  we find especially in hierarchical setups like government organizations is just the opposite .
Personal whims  and   subjective considerations of a man even one place above in seniority  can make or mar the career of an employee  and it is really difficult to follow the dictum of frankness at any cost .  

Here, the boss shouts at you that your are an imbecile, idiot, nincompoop and some harsher fellows may even pass remarks on your parentage.....
but the subordinate,s reply is only "sir", yes Sir, "you are correct sir", "i will take care of it sir"   
Yes, Bharavi's gem...
" words which are for your benefit  may not pass the test of being nectar to the ear and mind " 
 is to be exhibited in golden letter for all people to read wherever any human transactions are happening 


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