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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

the hits from fate are merciless

क्व जनकतनया क्व रामजाया
क्व च दशस्कन्धमन्दिरे निवासः॥
अयि खलु विषमः पुराकृतानां
भवति हि जन्तुषु कर्मणां विपाकः॥३०५॥
बल्लालदेवकृतात् भोजप्रबन्धात्
kva janakatanayā kva rāmajāyā
kva ca daśaskandhamandire nivāsaḥ||
ayi khalu viṣamaḥ purākṛtānāṁ
bhavati hi jantuṣu karmaṇām vipākaḥ ||305||
ballāladevakṛtāt bhojaprabandhāt

The inimitable and pure Devi Seetha, the daughter of the greatest philosopher king Janaka and the consort of the most valorous and perfect human being ever born, 

Sri Rama,  had to undergo a period of virtual imprisonment in the country of the ten-headed Ravana.    
How  can one  explain this quirk of fate  other than by admitting that   the result of one's own acts of commissions or omissions in the long past never leave him in peace?

The theory of Karma is the foundation of Hinduism.  
Even the noble Devi  Mata Jaanaki could not escape it.   
Yes, the Almight Godhead, never makes any execption even for itself.  
That is the eternal rule of righteousness.

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