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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the spark of genius

प्रवृत्त वाक्चित्रकथः
आशु ग्रन्थस्य वक्ता च
स वै पण्डित उच्यते॥

महाभराते विदुरनीत्यां

pravṛtta vākcitrakathaḥ
āśu granthasya vaktā ca
sa vai paṇḍita ucyate||

mahābharāte viduranītyāṁ

"He who speaks boldly,  
who can converse on
various subjects,  
who knows the science of
debate and deliberation ,
 who  is endowed with  genius, 
who  can
interpret the meaning of what is written in
is reckoned as wise."

The essential qualities, according to Vidura the ancient statesman,  which will qualiy a person  to be recognised as a scholar are:-
When he is on a mission, he should talk purposefully and with boldness.
He should have the deep  knowledge and oratory to expostulate subjects covering a  wide spectrum.
He should be  an expert in logic and he should have the capacity to attract others to his line of argument with cogent presentation of the facts.
The extra spark of genius should be present in him.
He should be not only well read but also possess the capacity to digest the contents of the books and add qualitaty  value to the ideas through his expert interpretation.

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