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Monday, April 18, 2011

sattwa, rajas and tamas in proper balance.

असक्तमाराधयतो यथायथं विभज्य भक्त्या समपक्षपातया।
गुणानुरागादिव सख्यमीयिवान् न बाधतेऽस्य त्रिगुणः परस्परं॥
महाकविभारविकृते किरातार्जुनीये महाकाव्ये ॥१--११॥
asaktamārādhayato yathāyathaṁ vibhajya bhaktyā samapakṣapātayā|
guṇānurāgādiva sakhyamīyivān na bādhate'sya triguṇaḥ parasparaṁ||
mahākavibhāravikṛte kirātārjunīye mahākāvye ||1--11||

Every human being is the storehouse of three basic characteristics or gunas..sattwa, rajas and tamas.. Sattwa underlines the soft and idealistic nature. Rajo guna hleps in showing one's own skills of implementation of ones' plans, even though by use of legitimate force. Tamoguna can mean many things.. Tendency to do not so proper things, allow the mind give way to desires, forgetfulness and many such negative stimuli. Ideally, a person should be having sattwa guna alone, but the way the things are made on the earth, sattwa by itself cannot survive. Life is ultimately an interaction between the self and the external stimuli. If the individual does not react appropriately to such stimuli and just holds on to peace and calmness alone through sattwaguna he is inviting destruction for himself. The same observation would fit in well to excessive Rajas and Tamo gunas also
The above quote on the ideal way of balancing the three inherent tendencies, is used by the great poet Bharavi ostensibly to describe the philosophy of life of Duryodhana. ( despite the fact that he was usurper to the throne of Yudishtira, Duryodhana was an adept in statecraft and also in lifestyle management.), but in effect it serves as a noble lesson for all in designing a well-balanced lifestyle for themselves.
"The three basic tendencies of sattwa, rajas and tamas, as exhibited by him never interfered with one another, because they were given equal, and impartial consideration, with alacrity and well founded and intelligent compartmentalization . It would appear as if the three gunaas were residing in him spontaneously seeking the close friendship of the person who was capable of handling them with the right kind of balance"
In our life, sense of timing and propriety are of paramount importance. The same action which may appear to be noble if performed at the proper time can be termed as verging on arrogance or even evil if the timing is not appropriate. A sweet smile directed at an infant will appear noble and enchanting, but if the same smile appears when one is going to be hit by an enemy weapon or when somebody dear to one is facing peril, we can simply imagine about the consequences.


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