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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This life is not rational..

This life is not rational.. Life is beyond mere debate. No one ever can prove anything in favour or against the influence of God in our lives. The uncertainty of even mass energy conglomerate has baffled the theoretical physicist who were sticklers to exactitude. I meant God as the universal mother including one's own mother. Maybe the most primordial grand grand grand parent.. the primordial purusha. Man is not a bundle of reasons alone, but a complicated mixture of reasons and emotions. love, anger, pleasure pain, and a plethora of other emotions are also not capable of an absolute (not relative) definition. And the things will happen whether we define them or not. One can substitute the name of God with some other word, or phrase. Then that word or phrase will run the roost. We are placed in a dynamic frame of reference(which is controlled by some force beyond definition)  sitting on  which accurate interpretation of the cause of motion is impossible. How can one see a thing smaller than an electron even with an electronic microscope? Even in that gadget the effect of changes when the the particle or thing is viewed and interpreted as the effect of a secondary impact of a quantity of matter or energy. You may define God or that power as a helper, or an opiate according to the way your mind conceives it. One thing, i am not asking you to love somebody else's mother, but Godhead is the mother of everyone and everyone includes you also. If you think you are outside the group of beings beyond its sphere of influence and command, nothing including that universal force or wisdom can compel you to do change that view.

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