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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

supreme law of Karma

ब्रह्मा येन कुलालवन्नियमितो ब्रह्माण्डभाण्डोदरे
विष्णुर्येन दशावतारगहने क्षिप्तो महासंकटे।
रुद्रो येन कपालपाणिपुटके भिक्षाटनं सेव्यते
सूर्यो भ्राम्यति नित्यमेवे गगने तस्मै नमः कर्मणे॥
भर्तृहरेः नीतिशतकात् ॥९२॥
brahmā yena kulālavanniyamito brahmāṇḍabhāṇḍodare
viṣṇuryena daśāvatāragahane kṣipto mahasaṁkaṭe|
rudro yena kapālapāṇipuṭake bhikṣāṭanaṁ sevyate
sūryo bhrāmyati nityameve gagane tasmai namaḥ karmaṇe||
bhartṛhareḥ nītiśatakāt ||92||

The laws of Karma or the ordained fate are very rigid and normally unbreakable.
 This law had made the creator of the world Brahma, who is stuck with the big round pot of the cosmic egg and is always working hard like a potter to create maintain and repair this huge pot.
 From a fish, tortoise, wild boar, man- lion, dwarf, violent nomad, decent human being to a don juan and the preceptor of the world, the powerful Vishnu has been forced to assume all avatars and assume all the responsibilities of the world through the same stiff laws. 
 Worse still, the most powerful Shiva was made to pluck off one of the heads of Brahma and using the skull as the alms pot, made to wander all over the world as a beggar. 
 The Sun god is driven like a slave to go round and round the sky without any rest by the same Karma. So the most potent phenomenon existing is the karma, and I bow before that Karma, So says the Philosopher King Bharthruhari.

In a way the force of the law of karma is unbearably rigid. But if the law is not in its place or if the lawmakers themselves do not hesitate to flout such law, the universe will be in chaos. The all powerful triumvirate do not dare to question the law made by themselves.
This is also a message about the strenght of the fate and at the same time a warning that laws are there to be obeyed.

Please note that even the Gods have been mentioned as being controlled by Karma..No one can enter into a debate on this issue.. The hardcore bhaktas may say Brahma Vishnu Shiva etc are not bound by any Karmas.. maybe it is true from the viewpoint of a  stckler to scriptures..
This sloka is not a religious dictum.. It is the thought of a poet who is immortal.. To enjoy the idea or not is the choice of the reader.. Arguments are meningless

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