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Thursday, April 21, 2011

incorrigible idiot

प्रसह्य मणिं उद्धरेत् मकर-वक्त्र-दंष्ट्रान्तरात्
समुद्रं अपि सन्तरेत् प्रचलद् ऊर्मिमालाकुलम्।
भुजङ्गम् अपि कोपितं शिरसि पुष्पवद् धारयेत्
न तु प्रतिनिविष्ट-मूर्ख-जन-चित्तम् आराधयेत्॥
भर्तृहरेः नीतिशतकं ॥४॥
prasahya maṇiṁ uddharet makara-vaktra-daṁṣṭrāntarāt
samudraṁ api santaret pracalad ūrmimālākulam |
bhujaṅgam api kopitaṁ śirasi puṣpavad dhārayet
na tu pratiniviṣṭa-mūrkha-jana-cittam ārādhayet ||
bhartṛhareḥ nītiśatakaṁ ||4||

The philosopher king Bharthruhari is raising a signal of caution against faithfully serving a person whose state of mind has remained adamant and idiotic despite all attempt to instil some sense into his muddy brain.

"One may, with great difficulty perform the task of extricating a precious gem which by some chance had got stuck in the gap between the teeth of a ferocious crocodile. He may, with great physical exertion and show of valour, swim across the wide ocean in turmoil producing   huge waves. He may even wear on his head like a garland a venomous snake which is in a state of rage and is all set to spew all its poison. But if one tries to serve a confirmed idiot whose mindset is not amenable to any sensible ideas, failure and infamy awaits him".

It is needless to say how difficult it is to subdue a crocodile and extract a precious gem from its teeth, but with some determination a man may be able to do it. A man may swim across a rough and violent see, if he has the strength and verve. One may even charm a venomous snake if he he is sufficiently bold and tactful. But to serve under an incorrigible idiot is rather impossible .


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