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Monday, April 04, 2011

the proud mother

एकेनापि सुपुत्रेण सिंही स्वपिति निर्भयं।
सहैव दशभिः पुत्रैः भारम् सहति गर्दभी॥
ekenāpi suputreṇa siṁhī svapiti nirbhayaṁ|
sahaiva daśabhiḥ putraiḥ bhāram sahati gardabhī||

ഏകേനാപി സുപുത്രേണ സിംഹീ സ്വപിതി നിര്ഭയാ
സഹൈവ ദശഭി: പുത്രൈ  ഭാരം സഹതി ഗര്‍ദ്ദഭീ
It is not the number but the quality and valour that counts. 

 Usually a lioness gives birth to a single son and when the cub is reasonably grown up, the mother is relieved of all her anxieties about her safety and food.  
She can have a pleasant sleep. 
 It is not the case with a female donkey. 
All her life she suffers as a beast of burden.  
Her litter may contains ten foals.  
But when these off-springs grow up they also become cowards and join their mother is carrying loads and receiving whippings from their master.
Only those who are bold and inherently valorous can live holding their heads in pride.   

Others just plod on along the earth just like the donkeys


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