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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Can the Mother ever countenance the idea that Her child should fall at Her feet in agony?

सर्वतीर्थात्मिके सर्वमन्त्रात्मिके सर्वतन्त्रात्मिके सर्वयन्त्रात्मिके सर्वचक्रात्मिके सर्वशक्त्यात्मिके सर्वपीठात्मिके सर्वतत्वात्मिके सर्वविद्यातिमिके सर्वयोगात्मिके सर्वनादात्मिके सर्ववर्णात्मिके सर्वशब्धात्मिके सर्वविश्वात्मिके सर्वदीक्षात्मिके सर्वसर्वात्मिके सर्वगे हे जगन्मातृके पाहि मां पाहि मां पाहि मां देवि तुभ्यं नमो देवि तुभ्यं नमो देवि तुभ्यं नमः॥
॥कालिदासविरचिते श्यामळादन्डके  श्यामळायाः सर्वात्मकत्ववर्णना॥
sarvatīrthātmike sarvamantrātmike sarvatantrātmike sarvayantrātmike sarvacakrātmike sarvaśaktyātmike sarvapīṭhātmike sarvatatvātmike sarvavidyātimike sarvayogātmike sarvanādātmike sarvavarṇātmike sarvaśabdhātmike sarvaviśvātmike sarvadīkṣātmike sarvasarvātmike sarvage he jaganmātṛke pāhi māṁ pāhi māṁ pāhi māṁ devi tubhyaṁ namo devi tubhyaṁ namo devi tubhyaṁ namaḥ||
|kālidāsaviracite śyāmaḻādanḍake  śyāmaḻāyāḥ sarvātmakatvavarṇanā||

In a remote abode of Matha Kali, the infinite Grace of the Divine mother is poured in a torrent on an illiterate goatherd and he pours out His heart in praise of the Mother..
the torrent of inspired words of Kalidasa is the Shyamala Dandakam  breaks loose ... the above is the description of the universal presence of the Mother.

You occupy all the waterspots,
all the holy chants,
all the tantric rituals,
all the yaantric rituals,
you occupy  all the chakras from Mooladharam to Sahasraaram,
you are the manifestation of all the Sakthis,
you are the occupant of all the peedams,
you manifest in the art and science of yoga,
you are the source of all musical sounds,
you manifest yourself if all letters,
whatever sound we hear is your manifestation, 
you stand spreading the entire universe, 
you are the bountiful result of all vows, 
and you are the all (the whole or sum and substance) in what we call the whole,
you are the material being dwelling in all that is in the universe, 
you the mother of the whole universe, 
you protect me, you protect me, you protect me,
 pranaams unto you, pranaams unto you, pranaams unto you

The meaning given above is very rudimentary.  The various words like manthra, tantra, yoga, varna  all have very deeper meanings.  And all have been discussed in huge volumes after volume.  But ultimately we have to fall on her feet and  seek Her protectio....Can a mother bear the idea of her child falling on her feet?
May her motherly love raise us to eternity



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