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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

even the earthworm may spew venom at times

Even the earthworm may spew venom at times

Another story from panchatantram of Vishnusharma

In a kingdom called Vardhamanam, a rich businessman named Danthila lived. Because of his expertise in commerce and also in politics, he was the principal adviser to the ruler of the day. Once he celebrated the marriage of his daughter with all pomp and the VIPs local and abroad, all attended in large numbers. The sweeper in the Royal Palace named Gorambha also attended the marriage. He committed the indiscretion of seating himself among the VIPs and the host was irritated and the menial was ordered to sit elsewhere. 
The servant was irritated. It is indeed very difficult for a top bureaucrat to please the boss as well as the subordinates. The insulted Gorambha was biding his time to draw blood.
One early morning, while cleaning the bedroom of the King, quietly, while the Royal incumbent was still asleep, the servant started a soliloquy. 
"Danthila the rogue chetty was embracing the queen yesterday, I saw it, I saw it.." 
The king woke up and heard this and started questioning the menial repeatedly.. 
Gorambha was incoherent.. " Your Royal Highness, I was playing dice throughout the night and had some hooch also. I might have blabbered something but I do not remember what I said". 
The seeds of suspicion had already been sown. The king brooded over the possibilities in all seriousness . " The minister has free entry to the palace and Gorambha can also go anywhere. It is possible that Gorambha might have watched such a scene. The things that people witness in broad daylight come as flashbacks in their mental screens as if in hallucination when they are in an inebriated condition, and specially when they are deprived of sleep also. And how can one be sure of anything when it is a matter of heart between a man and a woman?" 
The king was depressed. From that day onwards his implicit faith in the minister started to wane. A royal edict went round that Dantila need not visit the Royal Palace. 
The minister was sad, because he did not know the cause of the Royal displeasure. 
He consoled himself, " Some things are basically incompatible.. Play of dice and honesty, patience and snake, philosophy and drunkenness and sustained friendship and the king or the boss. Still I am curious.. I have done nothing against the interests of the boss or his kin."
But as he was standing near the gate of the palace, he overheard Gorambha making sarcastic remarks against him, the erstwhile royal confidant. The minister was sharp enough to divine what has happened and who had carried tales to the King. He thought, " The Royal Servant, even if he is venomous and mean, should be placated." So he invited Gorambha to his place that evening praised him and sought apology for what had happened during the marriage function. Gorambha was wined and dined well and hi hands and bags were filled with costly presents. 
It was a very happy Gorambha that had left the chetty’s place that night.
The next day, while cleaning the Royal bedroom in the presence of the sleeping king, the servant talked to himself. " I saw His Majesty eating cucumber while sitting in the toilet, I saw it, I saw it…"
The King heard it and was angry. " What are you raving? I have never done such a thing. Shut up your dirty mouth" Roared the king. Then he thought. The servant was blabbering under the influence of hooch, and sleep deprivation. Then he remembered what the fellow talked about the queen and the minister. He was filled with remorse. He called the minister and praised him and restored to him the royal favour.
The moral is that one has to be always very careful about even the minor satellites near the centre of power.
Even the earthworm may spew venom at times..

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