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Thursday, October 06, 2011

A healthy body alone can house a devout mind and both can come as bounty only from Krishna.

गदक्ळिष्टं कष्टं तव चरणसेवारभसरे
अप्यनासक्तम् चित्तम् भवति बत विष्णो कुरु दयां।
भवत्पादाम्भोजस्मरणरसिको नामनिवहान्
अहम् गायं गायं कुहचन विवत्स्यामि विजने॥ ३
श्रीमन्नारायणीयं  दशकं॥३॥
gadakḻiṣṭaṁ kaṣṭaṁ tava caraṇasevārabhasare
apyanāsaktam cittam bhavati bata viṣṇo kuru dayāṁ|
bhavatpādāambhojasmaraṇarasiko nāmanivahān
aham gāyaṁ gāyaṁ kuhacana vivatsyāmi vijane|| 3
śrīmannārāyaṇīyaṁ  daśakaṁ ||3||

The great Bhattathiri has reached the abode of Guruvayurappan hoping and praying that the impossible physical afflicton which has attacked him in the shape of Vaataroga (arthritis) would be cured by His Grace.. 
However the physical suffering caused by the painful joints makes it impossible for him to concentrate for long on faithful contmeplation of  Krishna.  
He is seeking the guidance of Krishna himself for escape from such a depressed mental and physical state.
" My Guruvaayoorappa, while all your devotees around are in thrall contemplating your beloved form, 
I for one am not able to have any sustained interest in your service and contemplation of your lore because of the distraction caused by the physical ailments.  
You tell me Oh Vishnu, is it your exalted will that I should not be in the midst of these lucky people and enjoy your presence and benevolence.  
My lord, Ocean of love and compassion, please do not leave me in such a distraught state of mind and body. 
Please do not will it that way that I should withdraw from your manifest presence at Guruvayur  to some unearthly corner of the world where I would have to spend the rest of my just chanting your names and describing your lore. "

The sick body rebels by Bhattathiri's love for Guruvayurappan and his confidence in the Lords Compassionate nature makes the poet to expect that he would not be sent away empty handed and in pain.
 Still the devotee has to make his petition.. 
He just does that.
This is the first time in Narayaneeyam that the poet mentions about his physical ailments.. 
 A healthy body alone can house a devout mind and both can come as bounty only from Krishna.
The lament is from a devout heart which wants nothing short of Guruvaayurappan's nearness while the body tries to pull back because of physical pain.

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