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Saturday, October 15, 2011

You will get what is meant for you

You will get what is meant for you.

A story by Vishnu Sharma in Panchatantram

There lived in a town a businessman named Sagaradatta. His son was never bright in any way, and the fellow was his father’s perennial anxiety. One day the businessman gave some gold coins to the son for starting a business. The junior business magnate, as if he were a scholar, purchased a book for the entire sum. It was just written in that book. "A man will get what is ordained as his due. Even gods cannot prevent the man from acquiring that. So I am neither sad, nor surprised. Whatever is my due, will come to me, and no one can take it away from me'. The enraged father on seeing the youth bringing a book instead of some profit, called him nice names like Idiot and drove him away from his household.

The youth left his home and his town with a heavy heart and reached a metropolis. There someone asked him his name. "You will get what is meant for you." Was the reply. 

This was his stock reply to all who cared to talk to him.

Things were happening in the city. One day the princess of the ruler of the city was doing the rounds in the city on a festive occasion. It so happened that a handsome prince came that way, and for the princess it was love at first sight. She sent her maid to the prince to fix up a meeting for the two. The prince was at a loss as to how to enter the harem of the princess. The maid assured that she would leave a long sturdy rope tied to the top of the building and the prince could enter climbing up that rope. The prince agreed, and the princess was duly informed. 

Meanwhile the prince had second thoughts. " It is a heinous sin to enter the harem of a friend's daughter, a friends wife, a preceptor's wife, the master's wife, or the wife of the servant… it is equivalent to killing a Brahmin. Why should I commit such a sin and confine myself to sure hell for ever? " So he simply did not come at the appointed time.

Our hero, the son of the businessman was wandering in the streets aimlessly and saw a rope dangling from the royal citadel. Curious, he climbed up the rope and landed up in the Princesses bedroom. She mistook the youth for her lover and extended him all hospitality. They occupied the royal bed also. She was repeatedly asking the silent youth why he was not talking at all. He simply replied. "You will get what is meant for you." The princess then realized that it was not her lover with whom she had spent that night. Angry to the bone, she simply drove him away.

The desolate youth went and sat near a dilapidated temple. Before long, a city police constable came to the temple. The latter had arranged for a rendezvous with a prostitute on that spot at that time and the lady was about to reach soon. He asked, "Who are you?"

"You will get what is meant for you." Was the reply.

To save the situation, the policeman told him. "The temple is deserted. I will show you my house. You can go there and spend the night there. My cot is prepared there for sleep. You can occupy that." The youth obliged readily. He did not know which cot belonged to the policeman and when he entered the cot the policeman's young daughter received him eagerly. In fact, she was expecting her lover to visit her at that time. The darkness of the night did its curious tricks. Finally the girl asked, "Why are you not talking anything to me?"

Again came the reply ""You will get what is meant for you." 

Once more, the switching of identity was revealed and the youth was driven away.

By then it was morning, and walking along the street, the youth came across a marriage procession. He followed the procession which led to the house of a very rich merchant of the city. It was the time for marriage of the daughter of the businessman. Right on the moment, a huge rogue elephant got its rut and started running helter-skelter. All the people including the bridegroom and the parents of the bride ran for their lives. The bride could not run. Our youth was also standing there gaping at the elephant, not knowing what to do. Finally, seeing the girl in utter terror, he held her hands tight and told her," Do not fear, I shall protect you". 

Then he shouted at the elephant to calm down and go away. For reasons best known only to god, the elephant calmed down and walked away. 

People returned and tried to resume the ceremony. But the bride would not accept anybody other than her saviour from the rogue elephant as her husband. Hence, though reluctantly, the marriage between our youth and the daughter of the businessman was consummated. 

The next day the youth with his new bride and retinue and gifts following in plenty, reached his father's house. The father was overjoyed. 

Meanwhile the ruler of the place had heard about what had happened to his daughter and he also came in search of the youth and after hearing the whole episode, gave her hands in marriage to the youth. The Policeman was also not lagging behind far. 

So the lucky youth got three wives and huge wealth just because he followed the dictum.

"You will get what is meant for you."

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