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Saturday, October 15, 2011

That alone can make me forget my woes and give me relief now and for ever.

प्रभूताधिव्याधिप्रसभचलिते मामकहृदि
त्वदीयं तद्रूपं परमरसचिद्रूपमुदियात्।
उदञ्चद्रोमाञ्चो गळितहर्षाश्रुनिवहो
यथा विस्मर्यासं दुरुपशमपीडापरिभवान्॥८
श्रीमन्नारायणीयम् दशकम्॥३॥
prabhūtādhivyādhiprasabhacalite māmakahṛdi
tvadīyaṁ tadrūpaṁ paramarasacidrūpamudiyāt|
udañcadroomāñco gaḻitaharṣāśrunivaho
yathā vismaryāsaṁ durupaśamapīḍāparibhavān||8
śrīmannārāyaṇīyam daśakam||3||
The poet Bhattathiri is now convinced that the affliction dogging his mind and body can be forgotten temporarily only by constant meditation on the form of Krishna and that the service of the lord in due course will give him complete cure. There is no relief for him other than this.
He says, " Guruvayurappa,  my heart is afflicted with terrible anxiety and my body is in a miserably ill conditions and the only relief for me is the meditation upon your form of immaculate beauty from which springs pure ecstacy.. may your sweet Grace be upon me so that such form manifest in the lotus of my heart.  Such vision will make my hair raise in pure joy, make my voice shaky for the love of you and my eyes will flow like rivers with tears of  deep affection for you.  That alone can make me forget my woes and  give me relief now and for ever."

A popular malayalam song comes to mind..

Krishna ninnomal thirumugham kanikandu nilkkumbol, enne marakkunnen dukham marakkunnu innellaam marakkunnu njaan...
കൃഷ്ണാ നിന്നോമല്‍ തിരുമുഖം കണികണ്ടു നില്‍ക്കുമ്പോള്‍ എന്നെ മറക്കുന്നു എന്‍ ദുഃഖം മറക്കുന്നു ഇന്നെല്ലാം മറക്കുന്നു ഞാന്‍   
Krishna, when I see your darling face first thing in the morning, I forget myself, I forget all my sorrow, and I forget everything else for the day except for you.

|śrīkṛṣṇo rakṣatu|

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