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Saturday, October 01, 2011

troubles come in torrents

क्षते प्रहारा निपतन्त्यभीक्ष्णमन्नक्षये वर्द्धति जाठराग्निः।
आपत्सु वैराणि समुद्भवन्ति वामे विधौ सर्वमिदं नरानां॥
विष्णुशर्मणः पञ्चतन्त्रे लब्धप्रणाशात्।
kṣate prahārā nipatantyabhīkṣṇamannakṣaye varddhati jāṭharāgniḥ|
āpatsu vairāṇi samudbhavanti vāme vidhau sarvamidaṁ narānāṁ||
viṣṇuśaramaṇaḥ pañcatantre labdhapraṇāśāt|

A thought-provoking stanza from Panchatantram..
 " If you are already injured  and trying to recover soon, be sure that there will be repeated hits visiting the same wound, never allowing it to heal. 

 When there is scarcity of food grains all over, the fire of hunger in you and your family gets kindled with redoubled vigour.. making your  whole existence miserable.  
When you are facing dangers, you will not be allowed to face it alone, but all old sundry and miscellaneous enemies will join you in   attacking you from all sides, ensuring your complete annihilation. 
When fate is not on your right side, he never stops with single blows but ensures that you are attacked  by all that is past and present and may be by all that is to come in the future also,
It is said in tamil 
 "patta idathil padum, ketta kutiye kedum  பட்ட இடத்தில் படும், கெட்ட குடியே கெடும்.. the spot where you are injured   will get repeatedly sustain injuries, and a family already  facing problems would receive more and more problems. 
The Murphy's law "If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong" is amply reinforced by the above ancient dictum of India.


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