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Saturday, October 08, 2011

if the Dark Lad in pleased, the maladies would disappear leaving no trace

कृपा ते जाता चेत् किमिव नहि लभ्यं तनुभृतां
मदीयक्ळेशौघप्रशमनदशा नाम कियती।
न के के लोकेऽस्मिन्नन्शमयि शोकाभिरहिता
भवद्भक्था मुक्ता सुखगतिमसक्ता विदधते॥३॥
श्रीमन्नारयणीये दशकं॥३॥
kṛpā te jātā cet kimiva nahi labhyaṁ tanubhṛtāṁ
madīyakḻeśaughapraśamanadaśā nāma kiyatī|
na ke ke loke'sminnanśamayi śokābhirahitā
bhavadbhakthā muktā sukhagatimasaktā vidadhate||3||
śrīmannārayaṇīye daśakaṁ||3||

The immediately preceding sloka saw Bhattathirippad caught in the horns of a dilemma as to whether he should continue his company with Guruvayurappnan at Gurvayur, in spite of his physical ailments and look like an odd man out in the huge crowd of healthy and blessed men or whether he should retire to some obscure corner of the earth and spend the rest of his life in  contemplation of the lord and his lore. But he exudes confidence that if the Dark Lad in pleased, the maladies would disappear leaving no trace and such an action is very easy for the Lord.
"My Guruvayurappa, if there is even a little compassion for us  in your heart, is there anything in the three worlds that can beyond achievement for us mortals?  The matter being so, is my this physical discomfiture a very serious issue for you to consider and give remedy?  We see a very huge number of your staunch devotees who have been subject to your compassionate perusal  and are going around the world, singing your  glory, without any interruption, in all sincerity and sans any self consciousness, and they are all blessed with the most robust health by the greatest lotus feel

The poet has not doubt in his mind whatsoever that the darling naughty black is going to cure him of his Vatarogam.


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