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Sunday, February 02, 2014

appearances do count....

समुद्रमथनात् लेभे हरिर्लक्ष्मीं हरो विषं
भाग्यं फलति सर्वत्र न विद्या न च पौरुषं॥
samudramathanāt lebhe harirlakṣmīṁ haro viṣaṁ
bhāgyaṁ phalati sarvatra na vidyā na ca pauruṣaṁ||

When the milky ocean was churned, Lord Vishnu got Laksmi as consort. 

But only the poison Halahalam came to the share of Lord Shiva.

This would prove that it is not education or valour that always work in one's favour..
But, it is luck that can prove to be the decisive factor, invariably..

(Samudramathanaat... In the process of churning the ocean, HariH.. Vishnu Lakshmeem.. The gooddess of wealth Lakshmi Lebhe.. got .. HaraH Visham (Lebhe) Shiva got poison..
Vidyaa.. Education Paurusham... manliness, valour, na phalati.. are not effective.. (Paranthu) but.. sarvatra bhaagyam phalati.. Luck is always the producer of good results..)

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