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Sunday, February 09, 2014

sense and lack of it....

We have to ponder over certain facts which are so patent in our lives..

Every group of sentences, every phrase.. need not be a problem.
Nor it need be a praise or prayer. Many statements are already true within the parameters of certain set laws and principles, languages and lexicons ..
If one sees a thing called cow, and says, "this is a cow.". someone can just say.. "I disagree.."

If the disagreement is because the cow does not possess the usually perceived shape and utility and similar qualities, we can understand. 
But if someone says.

" Who gave it the name of cow? The biological mass with life having four legs, a body, two horns, female sex, with udders, which could give a white drinkable liquid you call milk, which excretes a stinking biomass and eats a lot of green leaves and hay is according to me a crow."..

For most others, perhaps except for the person himself and his political cohorts the idea of negation of identity of a cow would look quizzical, buffoon-like, adamant, or even maniacal..

Of course, a psychiatrist treating a lunatic in an asylum,
a government servant of subordinate cadre etc., may have to agree to such statements because they have no choices..

I just quote this example to drive home the fact that certain basic precepts which form the yardsticks of knowledge should not be tampered with..Unless it is unavoidable,

But we humans, and those especially in social media tend to assert or negate things just for success in argument simply to drive home a point rightly or wrongly ..

Presence of friends, hecklers, females.. manifestations of emotions like ego, joviality, presumption that the hearer is a great person or maybe an idiot or something in between and also the short-lived orgasm-like pleasure in driving home our own arguments make us oblivious to the dangers of dissent for dissents sake...

I think everyone chooses to express dissent only when it is necessary for maintaining reasonable order and health and conducive environs.. that is, he realizes that a conversation is to exchange facts sort out issues in a decent manner so that the talker and listener do not get headaches or emotional ups or down, then everything is going in the right direction..

But it is not happening..

ഒന്നുകില്‍ കുറുപ്പിന്റെ നെഞ്ഞത്ത് അല്ലെങ്കില്‍ കളരിക്ക് പുറത്ത്
(a malayalam proverb indicating the two extremes)

this may be a good attitude for monarchs or Hitlers
not exactly is conducive for peace and friendship..

History is the witness..

History must be the teacher ..

Hope history will be the harbinger of amity and not strife..

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