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Sunday, February 02, 2014

handicaps without reservaion...

मूकः परापवादे परदारनिरीक्षणेऽप्यन्धः।

पङ्गुः परधनहरणे स जयते लोकत्रये पुरुषः॥ 

mūkaḥ parāpavāde paradāranirīkṣaṇe'pyandhaḥ| 

paṅguḥ paradhanaharaṇe sa jayate lokatraye puruṣaḥ|| 

The person with the following physical handicaps wins over the three worlds.. 

One who is DEAF to scandals being spread about his fellow human beings. 

One who is BLIND if he has to look at ladies with bad intentions 

One who is LAME if he is tempted to covet and take away the wealth of others..

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