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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

they are the salt of the earth.....

गोभिर् विप्रैश्च वेदैश्च सतीभिर्सत्यवादिभिः
अलुब्धैर्दानशीलैश्च सप्तभिर् धार्यते मही॥
gobhir vipraiśca vedaiśca satībhirsatyavādibhiḥ
alubdhairdānaśīlaiśca saptabhir dhāryate mahī||

The earth is borne and maintained in its pleasant and balanced state by the presence of
1.. The cows
2..The learned persons.. vipraas
4.. The Vedas
4.. Chaste ladies
5.. Those who speak truth at any cost
6.. Those who are not stingy
7.. Those who are magnanimous and charitable by nature..

The sloka speaks for itself.. No elaboration seems necessary..

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