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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

uneven distribution...

दृश्यम्ते भुवि भूरिनिंबतरवः कुत्रापि ते चन्दनाः
पाषाणैः परिपूरिता वसुमती वज्रामणिर्दुर्लभः।
श्रूयन्ते करटारवाश्च सततं चैत्रे कुहूकूजितं
तन्मन्ये खलसङ्कुलं जगदिदं द्वित्राः क्षितौ सज्जनाः॥
dṛśyamte bhuvi bhūriniṁbataravaḥ kutrāpi te candanāḥ
paṣāṇaiḥ paripūritā vasumatī vajrāmaṇirdurlabhaḥ|
śrūyante karaṭāravāśca satataṁ caitre kuhūkūjitaṁ
tanmanye khalasaṅkulaṁ jagadidaṁ dvitrāḥ kṣitau sajjanāḥ||

We see a lot of Margosa (veppu) trees with bitter leaves and fruits everywhere on the earth.. But the sandalwood trees are rare to see..
The face of the earth abounds in hard rocks, but diamonds are found very sparsely..
The cacophony of the cry of crows is an experience round the year but we hear the musical refrain of the cuckoo only in the spring season
Verily the world is filled with ordinary and often evil things and people, but good and noble people are also seen once or twice...

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