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Sunday, February 02, 2014

touch of the divine feet..

In fact I was starting to write about a blessed experience I had during my childhood.. There are three great advaitic mutts, headed by nambuthiri asecetics of the Shankara Order, thekee madom, naduvil madom and thrikkekatti madam( in Tanur, near parappanangadi.). My father had worked almost as a servant in that Thrikkekatti madam.. before he became a government employee , married and I was born.
I was then two years old..
The pontiff.. Sri Arithottathu Thirumanassu .. was very benevolent to my father. One day he sent word that my father should pay him a visit along with me the child.. It was a hot day in the sun and my Mamappa (my mother's uncle) was carrying me, my father walking in tandem.. All walking from Parappanangadi to  Tanur.. five kilometres away..
We all reached the madam in time for bhiksha.
Then the Pontiff did a great thing... Usually the sannyasi does not touch anyone. And more so if the other person is not a nambudiri of the highest order.. When I was placed in namaskarams pose before him, he raised both legs and placed them on my head and said "Sriramo Rakshatu..."
It was an unusual gesture..
I trust that blessing has remained with me for ever..

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