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Sunday, February 02, 2014


अर्थातुराणां न गुरुर्न बन्धुः

कामातुराणां न भयं न लज्जा।

विद्यातुराणां न सुखं न निद्रा

क्षुदातुराणां न रुचिर् न पक्वः॥

arthāturāṇāṁ na gururna bandhuḥ
kāmāturāṇāṁ na bhayaṁ na lajjā|
vidyāturāṇāṁ na sukhaṁ na nidrā
kṣudāturāṇāṁ na rucir na pakvaḥ||
For people who are desperately running after money, there is no consideration for even their elders, preceptors or relatives.
For people obsessed with carnal desires and who run after bodily pleasures, there is neither fear nor shame
For people eager to acquire knowledge, there is no question of considering physical comforts or even sleep
For people who are hungry, there will not be any concern as to whether the food is tasty or whether it is rightly cooked

Those who run after money would not care for the welfare of their kith and kin, and would not hesitate even to cheat them if that would mean getting more money. 
Those who are after sensual pleasures say goodbye to fear of law and bad name and also to any sense of shame. 
Knowledge can be acquired only through a lot of efforts and in that process, sleep and other physical comforts would have to be set aside..
And for the hungry man, it is some food to fill the stomach that matters and taste and other culinary qualities are not of much concern..

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