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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

eternally blessed ..

असारभूते संसारे सारमेतत्चतुष्टयः।
काशीवासः सतां सङ्गः गङ्गांभः शंभुपूजनं॥ 

asārabhūte saṁsāre sārametatcatuṣṭayaḥ| 
kāśīvāsaḥ satāṁ saṅgaḥ gaṅgāṁbhaḥ śaṁbhupūjanaṁ|| 

The life on this earth is so void and frustrating.. But four things can impart vitality and meaning to the human life which is otherwise of little value. 

They are 
1.. Stay in the city of Kaashi, the abode of the master of the world 
2. Remaining always in the company of noble souls... satsang 
3. Being blessed with the holy waters of Ganga 
4. Having the fortune to worship Lord Shambu the Maheshwara.. 
Usually those who happen to live in the city of Kashi become fortunate to have the other three also.. 
Indeed, they are blessed million times..

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