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Sunday, February 02, 2014

brahmin in the proper sense....

ब्राह्मणस्य तु देहोऽयं नोपभोगाय कल्पते
इहक्ळेशाय महते प्रेत्यानन्त सुखाय च॥ 

brāhmaṇasya tu deho'yaṁ nopabhogāya kalpate| 
ihakḻeśāya mahate pretyānanta sukhāya ca|| 

In his worldly life the body of a brahmin ( and a learned man) is only for toiling, observing all the rituals, studies, learning and teaching.. It is toil in this world to gain great virtue which are sure to take them to eternal bliss in their life in heaven.. 

So when brahmins are told to lead very strict and disciplined life, they should never complain.. This is their duty for the benefit of the whole universe and that alone can lead them to eternal bliss ever after.. 

If Brahmin is not able to practice what is expected of him, he does not deserve to be addressed by that name..

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