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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

none cares about the meek and obedient....

none cares about the meek and obedient....

अकृतोपद्रवः कश्चिन्महानपि न पूज्यते।
अर्चयति नराः नागं न तार्क्ष्यं न गजाधिकम्॥

akṛtopadravaḥ kaścinmahānapi na pūjyate|
arcayati narāḥ nāgaṁ na tārkṣyaṁ na gajādhikam||

A person who is calm and quiet and who means no harm to others is verily not respected ( compared to the persons who prove to be some threat to us..). 

We worship venomous snakes with great devotions and alacrity.. 

Such great devotion or interest is not seen in the worship of even the king of vultures Garuda or even huge animals like the elephant. 

( Garuda and others simply exist without meddling with the life of others, and therefore they are taken for granted.. but the puny reptile specializes spewing venom.. and it therefore worshiped) 

Rattle the Sabre.. and one will be noted, and even worshiped..

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