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Sunday, February 02, 2014

the eight-fold misery

ऋणं याच्ना च वृद्धत्वं जारचोरं दरिद्रता।

रोगश्च भुक्तशेषाश्चप्यष्टकष्टा प्रकीर्तिताः॥

ṛṇaṁ yācnā ca vṛddhatvaṁ jāracoraṁ daridratā|

rogaśca bhuktaśeṣāścapyaṣṭakaṣṭā prakīrtitāḥ||

The following eight situations in life are termed as utmost in misery..

1. Being in debt

2. Being a beggar

3.Being an elderly person

4. Being forced into selling body for sex

5. Being a thief or robber

6 Living in poverty

7. Being gripped by disease and ill health

8. Being forced to eat and live upon food which is thrown away by others as remnants..

These rules apply to simple and straightforwards human beings.. If anyone raises a question whether these ideas will be in sync with some institutions and and some professions.. there is no answer..

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