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Friday, May 14, 2010

association makes or mars us

सन्तप्तायसि संस्थितस्य पयसो नामापि न ज्ञायते
मुक्ताकारतया तदेव नलिनी-पत्र-स्थितं राजते।
स्वातौ सागर-शुक्ति-कुक्षि-पतितं तज् जायते मौक्तिकं
प्रायेणाधम-मध्यमोत्तम-गुणाः संवासतो जायते॥२७३॥
santaptāyasi saṁsthitasya payaso nāmāpi na jñāyate
muktākāratayā tadeva nalinī-patra-sthitaṁ rājate |
svātau sāgara-śukti-kukṣi-patitaṁ taj jāyate mauktikaṁ
prāyeṇādhama-madhyamottama-guṇāḥ saṁvāsato jāyate ||273||
സന്തപ്ത ആയസി സംസ്ഥിതസ്യ പയസോ നാമാപി ന ജ്ഞായതെ
മുക്താകാരതയാ തദേവ നലിനീപത്രസ്ഥിതം രാജതെ
സ്വാതവ് സാഗര ശുക്തി കുക്ഷി പതിതം തദ്‌ ജായതേ മൌക്തികം
പ്രായേണാധമ മധ്യമ ഉത്തമഗുണാ സംവാസതോ ജായതേ

water poured on redhot iron disappears without any trace immediately,  the same water appears like very bright crystal globules when it is  placed on the surface of a lotus leaf.   the  very same water when it falls as a drop into the pearl oyster on the days of star swaati,  it becomes a beautiful pearl.... Verily, the good attributes of a person manifest themselves out of his association with the wretched, the average and the noble people in that order.

One who associates himself with a wretched fellow ultimately disappears from the face of the earth nameless like water poured on hot iron.  The same person when he keeps company with men of average character and stature, may look bright and beautiful at first sight but such flicker is only delusive.. like the water drop on a lotus leaf which  gives the appearance of a crystal ball but is of no practical use and with the movement of the leaf just rolls down to anonymity.  However a drop of water  coming out of the rain in the inner seas, when it falls into the open shells of a pearl oyster, it transforms itself into a beautiful pearl. This is just like the association of a person with a really noble soul. The ordinary is transformed into extraordinary.
It is believed that when water drops are imbibed by a pearl oyster on the day of star Swwathi especially on full moon day ( chitra -swathi combination would come as the full moon day  which we call chitrapaurnami in the first month of  the solar celendar -- mesha or chitthirai) will transform itself into a large a very rare and beautiful pearl..  Even persons born on that day are supposed to achieve great eminence. The usage in telugu  "swaathimukthyam" has originated  from this belief .  It was on one such day the Lord  Gauthama the Buddha incarnated on the earth.
श्री कृष्णो रक्षतु
Have a nice and happy day
with profound respect and warm regards
K V Ananthanarayanan


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