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Sunday, May 02, 2010

they deserve reverence

मृष्टान्नदाता शरणाग्निहोत्री
वेदान्तविद् चन्द्र सहस्रजीवी
मासोपवासी च पतिव्रता च
षद्जीवलोके मम वन्दनीयाः
नीति सारं   सुभाषितं
mṛṣṭānnadātā śaraṇāgnihotrī
vedāntavid candra sahasrajīvī
māsopavāsī ca pativratā ca
ṣadjīvaloke mama vandanīyāḥ
nīti sāraṁ   subhāṣitaṁ

The following six categories of noble souls always command utmost respect.

One who offers to all a sumptuous meal,

one who is engaged in offering oblation to the fire,

one who is erudite is scriptures

, the grand old person who has lived to see thousand full moons,

one who fasts at least one day in a month,

and the chaste lady who is devoted to her husband.


I have to  point out that no male chauvinism is involved.  This is evident from the fact that our tradition reveres women. And it is the practice of authors to use masculine gender when universal truths are involved…in such situations we have to read it as applying on all fours to females also.  Devotion of a husband to his wife is of equal importance as paativrityam.   

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