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Thursday, May 06, 2010


अत्यादरो भवेद् यत्र कार्य-कारण-वर्जितः।
तत्र शङ्का प्रकर्तव्या परिणामेसुखावहा॥४४६॥
atyādaro bhaved yatra kārya-kāraṇa-varjitaḥ |
tatra śaṅkā prakartavyā pariṇāmesukhāvahā ||446||

അത്യാദരോ ഭവേദ്യത്ര കാര്യകാരണവര്ജ്ജിതഃ
തത്രശങ്കാ പ്രകര്‍ത്തവ്യാ പരിണാമേ സുഖാവഹാ

if a person is shown excessive respect in a place without any rhyme or reason,  
he should be skeptical and behave with great  caution  there.  
The results of such caution will be of immense benefit.

People are usually very selfish in nature, 
If they bestow upon others unreasonable favours, it can be inferred that they do it because they have some axe to grind.  
The demands and entreaties will follow soon.
Therefore  the  person on whom undue praiseis heaped upon, should never relax his vigil. 

The sycophant is  just trying to apply excessive soap on him is doing so with some definite selfish motive. 
 Such chamchas will be found everywhere and specially so along the lobbies of power. 
 If such chamcha has managed to achieve his purpose then he will no more show any familiarity with the benefactor because he knows that the latter is no more of  any use for  him.

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