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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the best friend

किंस्विद् आत्मा मनुष्यस्य किंस्विद् दैवकृतः सखा।
उपजीवनं किंस्विदस्य किंस्विदस्य परायणम्॥
पुत्र आत्मा मनुष्यस्य भार्या दैवकृता सखा।
उपजीवनं तु पर्जन्यो  दानं अस्य परायणं॥

kiṁsvid ātmā manuṣyasya kiṁsvid daivakṛtaḥ sakhā|
upajīvanaṁ kiṁsvidasya kiṁsvidasya parāyaṇam||
putra ātmā manuṣyasya bhāryā daivakṛtā sakhā|
upajīvanaṁ tu parjanyo  dānaṁ asya parāyaṇaṁ|

यक्षप्रश्नं  महाभारतं वनपर्वम्
yakṣapraśnaṁ  mahābhārataṁ vanaparvam

The Yaksha asked,-
'What is the soul of man
Who is that friend bestowed on man by the gods?
What is man's chief support?
And what also is his chief refuge?

 Yudhishthira answered,--'
The son is a man's soul:
the wife is the friend bestowed on man by the gods;
the clouds are his chief support;
 and gift is his chief refuge.
It is the cardinal concept of Indian life that one's son is just the external growth of oneself, to be loved, to be possessed, to be trained and to be cherished as one would do for himself.  The srutis say, when a son is born, while performing his samskaras, we have to tell him that you are  born as a part of myself..aatma vai putra naamasi.. (here again gender is not applies to the daughter also... ) .  The best friend ordained by God himself for any man is his wife. Good or bad, learned or imbecile the man is, the poor woman always keeps his company. (The feminists may have a different view, but in our country the vast majority is like that.  For the support of ones livelihood in this earth, the clouds that pour the nectar of pure water to sustain the earth and the life on it, is the most important factor.   A man gains sustenance in the nether world by making bounteous gifts to the needy in this world and there for it is his refuge.  Sometimes gift come as a refuge for the poor on this earth when it is recieved by the needy. The  circumstances leading to the dialogue between Yaksha and Yudistira is already explained earlier.
श्री कृष्णो रक्षतु
Have a nice and happy day
with profound respect and warm regards
K V Ananthanarayanan


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