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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

help at the crunch situation

आतुरे व्यसने प्राप्ते दुर्भिक्षे शत्रु-संकटे।
राजद्वारे श्मशाने च यस्तिष्ठति स बान्धवः॥
चाणक्य नीति
āture vyasane prāpte durbhikṣe śatru-saṁkaṭe |
rājadvāre śmaśāne ca yastiṣṭhati sa bāndhavaḥ||
cāṇakya nīti

ആതുരേ വ്യസനേ പ്രാപ്തേ
ദുര്ഭിക്ഷേ ശത്രു സംകടേ
രാജദ്വാരേ ശ്മശാനേ ച
യസ്തിഷ്ഠതി സ ബാന്ധവഃ
The real kinsman is one who  stand by us at the most difficult situations in life.  The situations may be when you are afflicted by serious illness, when you are deep sorrow for some reason,  when there is a great famine and food is scarce,  when strong enemies attack you,  when you are hauled up by the law enforcers to the kings court, and when your near relative or yourself are dead and taken to the burial ground

Relatives of all hues and colours throng your household when you have fame, health and wealth.  But you can expect only a few of them to come to your rescue when the times are unfavourable.  When you are ill you   may find a large number of people watching indifferently  when you are carried to the hospital, but the genuine relative will wait upon you and help in your treatment.
 When you are overcome by sorrow most of the pseudo relatives will simply avoid you. 
 If the region is visited  by a famine and food to share is at a premium, only the loving relative will have a mind to share whatever he has with you.
 Moreover, when you are attacked and abused by an enemy, most of the people around you will either remain passive onlookers or clear the field. Only the concerned relative will stand by you.
The worst situation in life is when you are caught up at the wrong side of the law and you are taken away be the law enforcers.  Here only the close relatives will stake their personal safety and will be of some help to you. 
The ultimate loss you can have is the death of a near relative and the occasiion of his burial can be most painful.  The dearest relatives will never fail to accompany you to the burial ground and console you and partake in your sorrow with full heart.

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