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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

in true colours they shine

नागो भाति मदेन खं जलधरैः पूर्णेन्दुना शर्वरी
शीलेन प्रमदा जवेन तुरगो नित्योत्सवैर्मन्दिरं
वाणी व्याकरणेन हँसमिथुनैः  नद्यः सभा पण्डितैः
सत्पुत्रेन गृहम् नृपेण वसुधा लोकत्र्यम् भानुना
nāgo bhāti madena khaṁ jaladharaiḥ pūrṇendunā śarvarī
śīlena pramadā javena turago nityotsavairmandiraṁ
vāṇī vyākaraṇena hamsamithunaiḥ  nadyaḥ sabhā paṇḍitaiḥ
satputrena gṛham nṛpeṇa vasudhā lokatryam bhānunā

The bull elephant is at its beautiful best when it is about to manifest rut,  the sky is most bountiful where it is arrayed with raining clouds,  the night is most elegant when the full moon rises   a lady is most adorable when she has a noble character (this will apply to men also)  a horse becomes celebrity with its speed,  a household becomes attractive when there are  frequent celebrations, a speech becomes attractive with the proper use of words, grammar and syntax. the rivers add to their glory by housing attractive swan duos.  The family is the most gifted when it has an eminent son. The earth, meaning the country  shines with the good ruler. And the whole three world is brightened absolutely by the presence of the one and only Sun.

श्री कृष्णो रक्षतु
Have a nice and happy day
with profound respect and warm regards
K V Ananthanarayanan


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