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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

checklist for a blessed life

तृष्णां छिन्धि भज क्षमां जहि मदं पापे रतिं मा कृथाः
सत्यं ब्रूह्यनुयाहि साधु-पदवीं सेवस्व विद्वज्जनं।
मान्यान् मानय विद्विषोऽप्यनुनय प्रच्छादय स्वान् गुणान्
कीर्तिं पालय दुःखिते कुरु दयाम् एतत् सतां चेष्टितम्॥७८॥
नीतिशतकं  भर्तृहरि
tṛṣṇāṁ chindhi bhaja kṣamāṁ jahi madaṁ pāpe ratiṁ mā kṛthāaḥ
satyaṁ brūhyanuyāhi sādhu-padavīṁ sevasva vidvajjanaṁ |
mānyān mānaya vidviṣo'pyanunaya  pracchādaya svān guṇān
kīrtiṁ pālaya duaḥkhite kuru dayām etat satāṁ ceṣṭitam ||78||
nītiśatakaṁ  bhartṛhari

A roadmap for a glorious life thought out with profound insights by the philosopher king,  the one and only Bhartruhari.

give up avariciousness for ever,  
practice patience
steer clear of arrogance,
never even think of committing a sin
always speak the truth,
follow the path of the great,
 serve with devotion the learned people, 
give utmost respect to the great souls who deserve it , 
may be it your endeavour to reconcile and remove enmities even with violent foes, 
never  try to  project your own name and fame but be it your endeavour to conceal your personal glories which are to be discovered by discerning well wishers,
 be humble,
always strive to safeguard the good reputation you have already earned ,
be kind to one and all who are in distress,...
these are the natural course of action and code of conduct for a blessed life.

even if we are able put to action   a small portion of the contents of this long checklist, our lives will be much better in many respects

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