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Sunday, May 09, 2010

dont pick up quarrels

बलोपपन्नोऽपि हि बुद्धिमान् नरः
परे नयेत् न स्वयमेव वैरिताम्।
भिषङ्ग्ममास्तीति विचिन्त्य भक्षयेद्
अकारणात् को हि विचक्षणो विषम्॥११३॥
balopapanno'pi hi buddhimān naraḥ
pare nayet na svayameva vairitām |
bhiṣaṅgmamāstīti vicintya bhakṣayed
akāraṇāt ko hi vicakṣaṇo viṣam ||113||

A wise man  should not deliberately pick up enmity with others just because he feels that he is endowed with sufficient power to defeat others.
 No sensible person will venture to consume poison without any reason just because he has engaged a very efficient doctor.

The human life is full of conflicts because the expectations of everyone is too hight in comparison to his resources.  In the pursuit of it so happens that some attain a point of advantageour point of power perhaps by mere chance. But this fact should not be taken as a carte blacnche to quarrel with others and create chaos.  The tables can be turned against anyone, because time is a very tricky fellow.  Then no one should try to stab to death a person standing nearby just because the former has acquired a sharp knife/

श्री कृष्णो रक्षतु
with profound respect and warm regards
K V Ananthanarayanan


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