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Saturday, May 15, 2010

may be, there is a bee in my bonnet

 You never walk alone ,  only if…

This interesting thought buzzes round  my pair of ears like a beetle for quite some time now.  I cannot believe it at the level of terra firma.  I believe everyone has woven around him a cocoon of pride, selfishness,  arrogance or humility,  sense of inferiority or superiority and ever so many other taboos. There is no place in the heart of anyone  which can be fully accessed by any other human being, be it one's parents, wife, siblings, offsprings, friends or benefactors.  Everyone reserves an area exclusive one,  and I don't know whether it is an area of brightest illumination or the darkest abyss.   Is it a safety mechanisam, or a ploy to conceal ones own foibles or is it a vacant area kept for oneself to meditate upon nothingness or whether is a protected area where one can make an idiot of himself without others noticing.

For a person who believes that nothing is existing in the universe other than what is perceiptible by the involuntary or voluntary sense organs, this secret nook may appear very secure… multiply protected.  But is there any real solitude like that? The Chemists say with some medicines and narcotics any area of the mind or brain or body can be forced to respond  to others and reveal  all secrets.  A thug will say that if a fellow is given a thorough beating he will sing like a lark and nothing will remain  secret.  But for all  this, he walks all alone.. The petty self or selfishness controls his operating system.


But for a believer,  he lives in the presence of his maker every moment of his life. For him there is no secret   at least from  God.  He talks to his Master in sublime silence.  He takes His silent consent before plunging into any worthwhile action.  From his front and from his back, from his left and from his right, the Eternal Master watches him and protects him.  For the faithful, the ultimate sacrifice is the surrender of his identity to the God he adores, he worships and is in company of whom  for ever and ever.   May be  this is what Krishna meant whend he  sent the message   through the medium of Arjuna to  all….. "yatkaroshi yadasnaasi  yajjuhoshi dadati yat yattapasyathi kauntheya, tat kurushwa madarpanam.. "whatever you do, whatever you consume, whatever you offer unto fire in oblation, whatever you give as a gift and whatever penance you perform, you dedicate all that to Me… it is a carte blanche… offer everything to Krishna without any reservation….

Can a persons who trusts the words of Krishna can ever walk alone?

I  do not ever walk alone.

श्री कृष्णो रक्षतु
Have a nice and happy day
with profound respect and warm regards
K V Ananthanarayanan


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