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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

स्थूलेषु कः प्रत्ययः

हस्तिः स्थूलतनुः स च अङ्कुशवशः किं हस्तिमात्रोऽङ्कुशो
दीपे प्रज्वलिते प्रणश्यति तमः किं दीपमात्रं तमः।
वज्रेणIपि हताः पतन्ति गिरयः किं वज्रमात्रं नगाः
तेजो यस्य विराजते स बलवान् स्थूलेषु कः प्रत्ययः॥
चाणक्य नीति ११ ३
hastiḥ sthūlatanuḥ sa ca aṅkuśavaśaḥ kiṁ hastimātro'nkuśo dīpe prajvalite praṇaśyati tamaḥ kiṁ dīpamātraṁ tamaḥ | vajreṇapi hatāḥ patanti girayaḥ kiṁ vajramātraṁ nagāḥ tejo yasya virājate sa balavān sthūleṣu kaḥ pratyayaḥ|| cāṇakya nīti 11 3  
The fat rogue elephant is controlled by a tiny hook attached to a rod.. does it follow that the hook is larger in size than the elephant?
When a tiny wick is lighted, the pitch darkness over a large area simply vanishes..can there be any comparison in size  between a tiny source of light and the area covered by the light?
It is said that large  mountains were flying around with huge wings but the small vajraayudha cut off all the wings and restrained the mountains. It was not because the weapon was larger in size than the targets. 

So we have  to realize that people with valour and efficiency control the world and nothing is achieved by just having a very fat body..
( except perhaps being a sugar bag[diabetic] and getting heart attacks and becoming early fodder to the eagerly awaiting  funeral fire)

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