pachai maamalai pol mene

Saturday, June 05, 2010

My dear brother, Krishna has already answered your question in gita... He has asserted without any trace of doubt in vibhuti yoga that whatever is great, original, sreemad(possessing of richness), strong and noble, manifests anywhere in any part of the universe one should realize that the manifestation is only a part of Krishna Himself. (mama tejo amsa sambhavam). It is not very material as to what language you use but the lofty thought are more important. Praying in any language and called the blessed lord by whatever name is only like negotiating different paths but the ultimate destination is one and the same. Sarvadevanamaskarah kesavam prathi gachchadthi. The means lose most of its significance once the right goal is reached. Maybe some paths may appeal more to the psyche of some while for some others different paths may be attractive. A sadhaka should ensure only one thing...he should not make dirty the path he had trodden. The paths are to be used by others who are also taking the same path. There can be millions of followeres like you and me but there are very few pathfinders ...whom we may call jagatgurus..usually this epithet applies in Hinduism to Krishna, Dakshinamoorthy and Sankara.. we may add a few names like Lord Hayagriva in Hinduism Buddha, Mahaveera, the Prophet, Lord Jesus etc.. Ultimately they all said the same thing. There is only one God, call Him by different names. Ekam sat vipraah Bahudha vadanthi.
If you feel the urge to express yourself spiritually, that is a great sign. The blessed lord is beckoning you. Please share your experience with others. Often God expressed himself through his devotees. Remember the bible also said it a different way.. if Gods wrath is directed towards an evil person, the first manifestation will be that the person concerned will lose all sense of proportion and become mad.
Whatever you or I do, we are only the media of action. The great work is performed by the blessed Krishna himself. So there is no room for arrogance or narcissism or pride for anyone. If a brain works exceedingly well, if a vocal chord vibrates to create sweetest music, if a finger traces great pieces of literature., always remember that these organs are directed by the Lord and the human body-mind conglomerate is only the vehicle. Nobody respects the vehicle, only the saarathy, the mover of the vehicle is the source of greatness.

Wish you all the best.

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