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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

assiduous execution

२४ निश्चित्य यः प्रक्रमते नान्तर्वसति कर्मणः
     अवन्ध्यकालो वश्यात्मा स वै पण्डित उच्यते
24 niścitya ya prakramate nāntarvasati karmaa
     avandhyakālo vaśyātmā sa vai paṇḍita ucyate
Mahabharatham   Udhyogaparavam   ch 33 viduraniiti 

നിശ്ചിത്യ യ: പ്രക്രമതെ ന അന്തര്‍വസതി കര്‍മണ:
അവന്ധ്യകാലോ വശ്യാത്മാ സ വൈ പണ്ഡിത ഉച്യതേ
He who striveth, having commenced anything, till it is completed, who never wasteth his time, and who hath his soul under control, is regarded wise (translation of Kisar Mohan Ganguly)
The wisdom of  vidura  more than three millenia ago has scaled dizzy heights not attainable even to day by the politicians of today.   When a wise man sets his mind on some high  goal, he would has already prepared the action plan meticulously, and having set out on it he never gives up the attempt midway, nor he wastes his time.  He is always the master of himself in executing the task.
On the same lines Kanfusion appears to arrogate on himself the mantle of vidura,  having decided to become a nuisance to his friends and armed with some grandmother texts and halfbaked knowledge of some languages  wasting already useless time and madly insomniac , assinine, despatches these mails to one an all.

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